Easily protect PCBs from water damage! 

Designed by gas engineers, PCB Guard enables you to work on appliances with peace of mind.

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PCB Guard von HeatLab

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  • Gas engineers working on boilers 

  • Electrical engineers working on appliances 

  • HVAC & Heatpump engineers 

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Introducing PCB guard the ultimate solution for gas engineers, HVAC and other electrical engineers working on appliances where water contaminating electrical components is a possible. 

Now there is an easy and professional way protect PCBs from water contamination! Saving you money & time

PCB guard is a high quality 600D sheet, with (patent pending) velcro flaps designed to fit & secure around wires on appliances to help protect & guard their electrics from being damaged by water in the process of routine work, PCB guard also has fast buckling straps to make securing tightly easy.

How does PCB Guard it work? 

PCB Guard is a water proof 600D sheet, 400MM X 400MM it is the perfect size to fit around most PCB panels. PCB GUARD features 5 velcro secured flaps to fit around any wires that my compromise water tightness around the PCB. PCB GUARD also features a fast acting buckling strap, that secures tightly around the PCB holding in place.  

Easily protect appliances your working on from £100s of pounds of damage.  

Removes headaches from being nervous about water damaging electrical parts. 

PCB Guard is the only patented solution specifically designed to protect PCBs on appliances from water. 

Built to last, made from robust 600D waterproof material, similar to that of a high end tool bag.

Proper kit, for a proper job, upgrade your toolkit today. 

Protected design, Patent application number: GB2302044.9

Shipped out royal via mail 48

450MM X 450MM high quality water proof 600D sheet. 

Including buckle fastening straps and velcro straps with fit around wires. 

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How Does PCB Guard work in  field?

Designed by gas engineers, PCB Guard helps you work on appliances with peace of mind, knowing that those expensive electric components are protected. Using a series of clever flaps and straps PCB guard securely fits to the electrical appliance PCB protecting it from water. 
  • Universal fitting

    Fits most boilers & electrical appliances 

  • Easy to use

    Very simply installation system. 

  • Save £££s

    PCB guard will help save you from damaging PCBs

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Does PCB Guard work on boilers?

PCB guard has been designed to fit on almost all domestic boilers, albeit, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit on everyone. 

Does PCB Guard work on other appliances? 

Yes, PCB guard has a universal fitting system, so it should fit most appliance PCB panels within 400mm X 400mm.

Is PCB Guard 100% water proof? 

Yes. The PCB Guard sheet itself is, however, you need to ensure proper fitting. 

Will PCB guard work perfectly in all situations?

PCB guard can still be vulnerable if proper care has not been taken in the fitting - for example mains pressure in a velcro flap seem area may not offer 100% protection. 

Can I claim PCB Guard as a TAX expense? 

Yes, PCB Guard would be classed a tool. 

Why not just use a bin bag or plastic sheet? 

You can do that, you can also bang a screw into a piece of wood with a hammer, excuse the sarcasm. PCB Guard is custom made piece of equipment to protect PCBs whilst working with water, proper kit, for a proper job. 

How does PCB Guard secure? 

PCB secures by using fastening straps, it fits around cables using strategically placed velcro straps, ensuring a water tight fit. 

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