reusable shoe covers - MudStoppers by Heatlab

reusable shoe covers - MudStoppers by Heatlab

There's no polite way to say this, so I'm going to come out and say it.... Ever walked dirt or something more sinister into a customers home?

Do you notice the look of delight when you offer to take your shoes off or put on those silly plastic booties before a customer even asks... It takes one second to get off on the right foot, which means your customer is happier and your good reputation spreads.

Thats why we designed MudStoppers reusable shoe covers. I have personally walked Dog S*** into a customers house, I have also seen the mood change when I put on a good pair of shoe covers. The trouble I had as an engineer was, they either ripped, fell off my feet which made them unsafe or I just ran out and forget to buy more!



1. Exceptional Floor Protection


Let’s face it, tracking mud or dirt into a customer’s home is a nightmare. MudStoppers provide top-notch protection for all types of flooring, ensuring you never leave a dirty trail behind. No more awkward situations; just clean, happy customers every time.


2. Professional Appearance


Picture this: your customer’s face lights up when you proactively put on shoe covers. It’s a simple act that screams professionalism and respect for their property. With MudStoppers, you’re not just another tradesman—you’re a professional who cares. This little touch can lead to rave reviews and more referrals.


3. Durable and Reliable


We’ve all been there. Traditional shoe covers rip, fall off, or run out when you need them most. MudStoppers are made from high-quality, durable silicone that withstands the roughest job sites. They stay securely on your feet, eliminating safety hazards and the hassle of unreliable covers.


4. Perfect Fit and Secure Design


MudStoppers are designed to fit any shoe size comfortably with their stretchable material and adjustable velcro straps. They stay put no matter what, providing a secure, slip-free experience. Whether you’re climbing ladders or crawling under sinks, you can trust MudStoppers to stay in place and keep both you and your client’s floors safe.


5. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective


Unlike disposable shoe covers that pile up as waste and need constant replacing, MudStoppers are washable and reusable. A quick rinse and they’re good to go for the next job. This not only makes them an environmentally friendly choice but also a cost-effective one. You’re making a sustainable choice that fits today’s eco-conscious market.

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