Protect your reputation and your client’s floors with MudStoppers

Elevate Professionalism: Show up to any job and demonstrate an unmatched level of consideration

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MudStoppers By Heatlab Premium Reusable Shoe Covers

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  • Heavy Duty Neoprene

  • Washable & 100% re-usable  

  • Safer - Shoe covers that do not fall off your feet! 

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MudStoppers Premium Reusable Shoe Covers by Heatlab: Professional Floor Protection for Tradesmen

Protect your reputation and your client’s floors with MudStoppers – the ultimate shoe cover designed exclusively for tradesmen and anyone who works in people's houses and who value professionalism and cleanliness. Our shoe covers are not just an accessory; they’re a statement of quality and respect for every workspace.


Premium Floor Protection: Keep every client's floor spotless as you work. MudStoppers are engineered to prevent dirt, scuffs, and marks, safeguarding surfaces with ease.

Elevate Professionalism: Show up to any job and demonstrate an unmatched level of consideration and professionalism. First impressions count, and with MudStoppers, you'll be remembered for the right reasons.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from high-grade silicone, these shoe covers are designed to withstand the demands of any job site while maintaining their integrity use after use.

Universal Fit: Thanks to their stretchable material, our covers accommodate all shoe sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit without the risk of slipping or movement.

Washable & Reusable: A quick rinse is all it takes to have your MudStoppers ready for the next job, making them as practical as they are protective.

Step through the door with confidence when you have MudStoppers by Heatlab.

Safer than other shoe covers MudStoppers do not fall off due to the easy to use unique velcro strap. 

These aren't your average shoe covers; they're a trusted companion for any tradesman who takes pride in their work. Created with high-quality silicone, they're robust enough to handle daily wear while offering unrivalled floor protection.

MudStoppers are designed with practicality in mind. Their easy-to-clean material means you're always prepared for the next job, and their reusable nature speaks to your commitment to sustainability. The non-slip design ensures safety as you move about, and their stretch fit & the unique strap guarantees they stay on securely, no matter the task at hand.

In your line of work, every detail matters. MudStoppers are more than just shoe covers – they're a reflection of your dedication to excellence. Invest in a pair today and make a lasting impression on your clients, ensuring repeat business and referrals. Because when it comes to protecting floors, nothing stops the mud like MudStoppers.

Add MudStoppers by Heatlab to your toolkit today and step up your professional game!

High quality Neoprene

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