Gas engineer tools - Must have tool for gas engineers PCB GUARD

Gas engineer tools - Must have tool for gas engineers PCB GUARD

Calling all gas engineers - Ever got water on a PCB before, if you work on boilers, the answer is most likely yes! 

Must-Have Tool for Gas Engineers: The PCB Guard


As a gas engineer, having the right tools in your arsenal can make all the difference in delivering efficient, high-quality work.

One such essential tool for gas engineers is the PCB Guard. In this article, we'll discuss why the PCB Guard is a must-have for gas engineers, how it can save you time and money, and how easy it is to use.

  1. The Unique and Ingenious PCB Guard

The PCB Guard is a 100% unique tool designed to protect the printed circuit boards (PCBs) of boilers during repairs. By shielding the PCB from potential water damage, the PCB Guard ensures that one of the most sensitive and expensive components of a boiler remains intact and functioning optimally.

  1. Easy to Use and Versatile

The PCB Guard is not only effective but also simple and quick to use. It fastens securely to the PCB and features several well-placed flaps to accommodate cables, ensuring a snug fit. Designed to fit nearly all boilers, the PCB Guard offers unparalleled versatility and ease of use for gas engineers.

  1. Benefits of the PCB Guard for Gas & heating Engineers

Using the PCB Guard offers several advantages to gas engineers:

  • Reduced risk of water-damaging expensive PCBs, potentially saving you and your clients hundreds of pounds in repair or replacement costs.
  • Decreased downtime during repairs, as the PCB Guard provides an extra layer of protection, allowing you to work with confidence.
  • Enhanced professionalism and customer satisfaction, as the PCB Guard demonstrates your commitment to providing top-quality service and care for your clients' boilers.
  1. The Competitive Edge of the PCB Guard

The PCB Guard stands out from other tools in the market due to its unique design and purpose. By addressing a specific need in boiler repairs and maintenance, the PCB Guard offers gas engineers a competitive advantage, setting them apart from others who may not use the tool.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

Gas engineers who have used the PCB Guard rave about its effectiveness and value. As one engineer put it, "The PCB Guard is a game-changer, it gives me peace of mind when working on boilers. 

  1. Affordably Priced and Easily Accessible

The PCB Guard is priced at just £16.99, making it an affordable addition to any gas engineer's toolkit. With the potential to save you and your clients significant time and money, the PCB Guard is a wise investment that will pay for itself in no time.

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