How does boiler silencer work?

My boiler is noisy - what can I do?

Boiler noise can be a common issue in domestic homes in the UK, but it can, in some cases be effectively addressed with the use of a boiler silencer chemicals. 

Boiler silencer is a formulated chemical, usually around 500ml that is specially designed to reduce the noise or "kettling" caused by a scaled or dirty central heating system. It is compatible with all types of boilers and the metals and materials commonly used in systems, including aluminum.

Boiler noise silencer can in some cases reduce boiler noise and improve the efficiency level of heat transfer to the system.

How do you know if your boiler is producing abnormal noise? Some common sounds that may indicate a problem include a loud humming noise, banging noise, whistling noise, kettling, or the sound of gurgling. These noises can have different causes, such as loose components, high pressure, or a circulating pump set too fast.

One of the most common reasons for boiler noise is loose components, like iron oxide or scale in the central heating system, A component that vibrates in the heat exchanger, can produce a loud humming sound.

Another potential cause of loud boiler noise is high pressure. A normal, healthy boiler should never exceed a pressure limit of 2 bar, If your boiler is operating at a pressure over 2 bar, it could be the reason for the noise.

The circulating pump is set too fast.

it can cause vibrations and loud noise. In this case, you should check the speed settings of the circulating pump and reduce the speed to see if it stops the noise.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing abnormal noise from your boiler, it is important to consult with a professional heating engineer to assess the situation and recommend the appropriate course of action. 

What is the easiest way to add boiler noise silencer to a central heating system?

Just dose it.


Just Dose It (above) is a simple device that makes it easy to add chemicals to your boiler system. Before using Just Dose It, make sure to turn off the radiator and drain a small amount of water from the system. To use Just Dose It, simply insert it into the radiator by screwing it into the standard 1/2" BSP male tapping. The unique swivel joint allows you to rotate Just Dose It into a position that makes it easy to fill your radiator with chemicals.

Once the chemical has been added to the system, turn on the radiator and allow the system to circulate the chemical throughout. This will help to prevent scaling and improve the efficiency of your heating system. After use, be sure to unscrew Just Dose It from the radiator and clean it with a damp cloth for next usage.

In conclusion, a boiler silencer can effectively address the problem of abnormal noise and improve the efficiency of your heating system in some cases, in addition, the use of chemical central heating inhibitors, de-scalers, sludge removers, or antifreeze, added to the system using Just Dose It can help to prevent scaling and maintain the longevity of your boiler. It's always recommended to work with a professional heating engineer for better guidance and for the best results.

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