How Much Does Plumbing Make?

How Much Does Plumbing Make?

The Comprehensive Guide to Plumber Salaries in the UK in 2023 - 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Plumber Salary Breakdown
    • Hourly, Daily, and Annual Earnings
    • Apprentice to Business Owner
  3. Factors Influencing Plumber Salaries
  4. How to Increase Earnings as a Plumber
  5. FAQs
  6. Conclusion


Are you a budding plumber, a wannabe plumber or planning to hire a team of skilled plumbers? This all-in-one guide delves into the financial aspects of being a plumber in the UK, tailored for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Plumber Salary Breakdown

Table 1: Plumber Earnings by Level

Level Per Hour Per Day Per Year Business Costs* Approx. Take Home Pay
Apprentice £10.50 £84 £18,438 £0 £15,936
Newly Qualified £16.50 £132 £28,974 £0 £23,351
Employed £22 £176 £45,760 £0 £34,407
Sole Trader £44 £352 £64,902 £8,113 £46,244
Business Owner £49.50 £396 £73,014 £12,778 £48,509
*Note: Estimated costs for expenses like vehicle, tools, insurance, fuel etc.

Understanding the Data

  • Apprentice Plumbers: Starting out, apprentices can expect an annual salary of around £18,438.
  • Newly Qualified and Employed Plumbers: As skills and experience grow, so does earning potential, with employed plumbers making around £45,760 annually.
  • Sole Traders and Business Owners: The highest earners are often those who venture into business, with potential earnings exceeding £73,000 annually. However, often there is VAT registration, accountants, advertising and a lot more costs with running a business. 

Factors Influencing Plumber Salaries

  • Experience and Training: Advanced training in specialties like gas appliances can significantly boost earnings.
  • Geographical Location: Areas with higher demand or short supply, like major cities, often offer higher wages.
  • Type of Employment: Self-employed plumbers generally earn more than those employed by companies due to higher profit margins.
  • Advertising costs can be the biggest cost in running a business and in plumbing it is very competitive, by that I mean expensive! 

How to Increase Earnings as a Plumber

  1. Specialisation: Focusing on lucrative areas like heat pumps or solar systems can enhance earning potential.
  2. Effective Marketing: Building a strong online presence and accumulating positive customer reviews can attract more high-paying clients.
  3. Cost Management: Keeping a close eye on expenses, including tools and travel costs, can improve profitability.


Do plumbers make good money in the UK? Yes, plumbing is a lucrative career choice, with salaries often exceeding the national average, particularly for those working on high-end projects.

What is the average salary for a plumber in the UK? A newly qualified plumber can expect to start at around £28,974 per year, with potential earnings increasing significantly with experience and specialisation.


Plumbing remains a high-demand profession in the UK, offering substantial financial rewards, especially for those who skillfully navigate their career path, from apprenticeship to business ownership. Whether you're just starting or looking to expand your plumbing business, the opportunities for growth and success are plentiful.

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