Instructions how to use Just Dose it! Central Heating Dosing Tool

Instructions how to use Just Dose it! Central Heating Dosing Tool

How to use the Just Dose it.  Dosing Funnel


Just Dose it central heating dosing toolcan be used to add Inhibitors/Sludge Remover/Anti-Freeze etc., to a sealed or open vent Central Heating System, via any radiator with ½ vent and plug.

 Step 1

Turn off both of the radiator valves clockwise with a spanner, Loosen one of the radiator valve union joints, use a bowl to collect the water you are draining off, drain off approx 1- 2 litres into the bowl underneath and re-tighten the radiator valve union. 

Step 2

Using a spanner unscrew the ½" plug at the top of the radiator, there is no need to unscrew the bleed vent side.

Step 3

Screw the JustDoseit! unique swivel joint directly into the plug ½" BSP tapping at the top of the radiator, (normally) this only needs to be tightened by hand but a spanner can be used if required. Just Dose It, does need to be tightened as far as possible by hand though. 

Just dose it central heating inhibitor funnel

Step 4

You can now add the desired chemical to your Central Heating System; the Just Dose it! funnel can be rotated into a position which will enable you to add your chemicals easily.

Tip: The chemicals will flow more quickly if you open the 1/2" bleed vent on the over side whilst adding your chemicals, do not forget to screw this back up once you are done. 

Step 5

Once you have added your chemicals unscrew the unique Just Dose it! from the radiator, replace the ½" BSP plug, turn both radiator valves on and vent the radiator to get the air out.

You can also follow the steps in this video: 

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