Is your Boiler making a whistling noise

Is your Boiler making a whistling noise

If your boiler is making a whistling noise this will be a must read article 

Whistling or kettling sound coming from your boiler? Well, you're not alone! In this article, we're going to explain why your boiler could be making that sound in a way that's easy to understand. We'll also give you some tips on how to prevent this from happening and how to fix it at the end. 

Lime scale buildup in your boiler could be the culprit 

One of the main reasons your boiler could be making a whistling or kettling noise is due to a buildup of lime scale on the heat exchanger. This happens when hard water, which has high mineral content like calcium and magnesium, flows through your boiler. The lime scale deposits then become insoluble, which restricts the flow of water, causing it to become trapped in the heat exchanger. This results in overheating, steam generation, and expansion, which produces that annoying sound.

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Sludge or debris in your central heating system and boiler 

Another cause of kettling in boilers is when sludge or debris collects around the heat exchanger. This buildup can also restrict the flow of water, leading to overheating and that whistling or kettling sound.

Stuck pump or underperforming central heating pump 

If the pump in your boiler becomes stuck or needs to be replaced, it can cause kettling or boiler whistling noises as well. The pump is responsible for circulating the water through the heat exchanger, and if it's not working properly, it can cause water to become trapped and overheat.

Incorrect installation or poorly installed central heating system or boiler 

If your boiler was not installed correctly, it can cause a number of issues, including kettling. It's essential to have a qualified professional install your boiler to ensure that it's set up correctly and working efficiently.

Faulty boiler thermostat - not the one on your wall! 

Lastly, a faulty thermostat can cause your boiler to make that whistling or kettling sound. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature of the water in the heat exchanger. If it's not working correctly, it can cause the water to overheat and produce that annoying noise.

How to prevent and cure kettling & whistling noises 

The best way to prevent kettling in your boiler is by ensuring that it's well-maintained.

If you have a kettling and whistling noise already, you can try adding an all-liquid inhibitor or boiler silencer to the system. If you want to do this yourself it can be done easily by following these instructions.

In conclusion, if you hear that whistling or kettling sound coming from your boiler, it's essential to have it checked out by a qualified professional. Ignoring it could lead to reduced efficiency, higher energy bills, and a shorter lifespan for your boiler. 

Noise issues can be to do with combustion so it is important reiterate the above paragraph as a qualified gas safe engineer writing this article. 

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