Eliminate the need to drain a central heating system down  

"Simply the best bungs in existence for heating engineers and plumbers"

Radiator Valve Change Bungs - Heating & Plumbing Bungs

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Designed by heating engineers that know what is important when it comes to system bunging. "You want 2 things from a bung, you want a bung that does not fall out of the cold feed and a bung that can be used on all on domestic systems! We cracked it, Lee Heatlab."

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  • Simply better bungs! You'll know once you get them.  

  • Perfect for bunging main water tanks and central heating tanks.

  • Makes small water jobs like 2 ports, or rad valve replacement easy!

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Universal plumbing & heating bungs - eliminate the need for draining an open heating or water system down.

 ✅ Unlike traditional rubber bungs, our bungs are made of hard silicone. This material is more grippy, making them easier and safer to use while bunging a tank, as there is less chance of them falling out.                                                            

✅ Two sizes in one: Our bungs come in two sizes - 15mm and 22mm - making them more versatile than other bungs that typically come in just one size.

✅ Durable and long-lasting: The hard silicone material makes our bungs more durable and long-lasting compared to traditional rubber bungs.

Hardwearing silicone bungs for cold water and FE/heating tanks 

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